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First Response® Rapid Result Pregnancy Test
Manufacturer / Brand: Church & Dwight Co. Inc. / First Response
Price Range: See 8TOP Retailers Below
Product Type: Digital
Earliest Test Accuracy: Day of expected period
Sensitivity: unavailable
Confirmed Results In: 1 minute
Results Display: PREGNANT - TWO PINK LINES in the Result Window. One line may be lighter than the other.

NOT PREGNANT - ONE PINK LINE in the Result Window.

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1. Amazon   $7.99 1 ct
2. Drugstore.comicon  $10.49 2 ct
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One minute. That's all it takes to find out if you're pregnant with the FIRST RESPONSE® Rapid Result Pregnancy Test. Enhanced technology isolates and detects the pregnancy hormone in your urine to give you quicker results. You can see your results in one minute on the day of your missed period or any day thereafter. Relieve anxiety by knowing for sure, and knowing faster -- with over 99% accuracy.

Let FIRST RESPONSE® Rapid Result Pregnancy Test be the one to tell you first. It tells you as quickly as one minute on the day of your missed period.
  • Remove test stick from the foil wrapper and take off the Overcap.
  • Holding the test stick by the Thumb Grip with the Absorbent Tip pointing downward and the Result Window facing away from your body, place the Absorbent Tip in your urine stream for 5 seconds only. (You may also collect your urine in a clean, dry cup and immerse the entire Absorbent Tip in the urine for 20 seconds only.)
  • With the Absorbent Tip still pointing downward, replace the Overcap** and lay the stick on a flat surface with the Result Window facing up.
  • Replacement of the Overcap is not necessary for the proper functioning of the test.
  • You may soon see a pink color moving across the Result Window to indicate the test is working.
Recommended Time of Day for Use:
Any time of day
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