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Available Colors:

2010 Yamaha Phazer MTX
Manufacturer: Yamaha
Year: 2010
Available Colors: Yamaha Black/Bue, Orange/Black
MSRP: $8,099
EngineType: 4 stroke
Model Type: Mountain
Max Ski Stance: 38.00
Fuel Capacity (gals): 7.00
Number of Seats: 1
Rear Rack: No
Displacement: 499 cc
Turbocharged: No
Carburetion Type: 43 mm fuel injection
Cylinders: 2
Horsepower: 80
Length: 125.70 in.
Width: 46.80 in.
Height: 45.80 in.
Dry Weight: lbs.
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The high-tech, high-fun Phazer MTX is the lightest four-stroke sled on the mountain.

  • Genesis® 80FI 4-stroke engine - Lightweight, dependable and fun, the Genesis 80FIís high tech design puts down 80 horsepower-class performance on the trail and off. Powering in the distinctive Phazer family of sleds, this 2-cylinder engine is quick-revving and very torquey for sporty acceleration. The advanced fuel injection system automatically keeps it running at maximum output and fuel efficiency for the conditions.
  • Advanced fuel injection - The Genesis 80FI uses an advanced fuel injection system to control fuel flow to the engine. Consumers will enjoy the engineís spot-on performance and throttle response as a result of the advanced electronic fuel injection system.
  • Lightweight, counterbalanced crankshaft - The Genesis 80FI engineís crankshaft is designed to be light weight, responsive and durable. The lightweight, counterbalanced crankshaft delivers super-crisp throttle response and quick acceleration. It also helps mitigate the vibration inherent in a 2-cylinder engine.
  • Lightweight, rear-exiting exhaust - The exhaust from the Genesis 80FI is routed out the rear of the sled, similar to the other Genesis 4-stroke engine packages. The rear exiting exhaust design serves three purposes. First, it keeps the exhaust heat out of the engine bay to allow a super-compact design. Second, it allows the engine to breathe more efficiently through a cooled exhaust pipe. Finally, it helps to balance the overall sled package, giving the Phazer MTX its amazingly nimble handling.
  • 14x144x2-inch Camoplast® MaverickTM track - The Phazer MTX® uses a narrow 14-inch wide Camoplast® MaverickTM track with 2-inch lugs. The track design is lightweight for great deep snow performance and handling. It also allows the tunnel to be narrower to improve the sledís ergonomics.
  • Radiator and front extrusion - In order to generate consistently-strong engine performance, all Genesis 80FI sleds feature a small radiator on the right hand side of the engine cab and a front extrusion. The use of a small radiator improves the sledís cooling system function, which means greater engine durability. It also enhances the sledís handling by relocating the mass of a rear heat exchanger up to the central portion of the sled.
  • Sport rider-forward position - The Phazer MTX takes many of its cues from other off-road motorsports, including its sport rider-forward positioning. It has a tall, narrow seat and tall, forward handlebars like the popular YZ® dirtbike. It puts the rider in a pure sport posture, without being overly aggressive. The sport rider-forward position also locates the mass of the rider right at the balance point for the sled, aiding its incredible handling.
  • Adjustable-width double wishbone front suspension - The FXTM Chassis uses a specifically engineered front suspension package to accommodate its unique weight distribution and handling needs. Because of the Phazer MTXís naked front end design, the A-arms need to be longer than even the second generation design found on the DeltaboxTM II chassis models. The Phazer MTX also features lightweight extruded aluminum spindles.
  • Wide handlebars with mountain strap - To match the tall and forward position, a single-piece unhooked handlebar with the center mountain strap is standard on the Phazer MTX. The grips have 10-position adjustable warmers.
  • Integrated chaincase with magnesium cover - The FXTM Chassis has the chaincase cast right into the frame member, and has a magnesium cover plate that forms the seal to keep the oil in. This trick piece of technology is a highlight of the goal to simplify the sled and minimize weight. Riders will appreciate the reduced overall weight on the Phazer MTX and its amazingly nimble handling as a result.
  • CF diecast construction - Yamahaís Controlled Flow casting technique is used for many of the structural pieces on the chassis. The CF process draws the molten metal into the mold under a vacuum, reducing the formation of air bubbles in the material. As a result, pieces can be made much thinner and still deliver the strength characteristics of a conventionally-cast, thicker piece.
  • Rear tunnel closure - The rear hole on the Phazer MTX tunnel is closed off to reduce the snow and ice buildup on the tunnel and runningboards. The front manifold hole will remain to cool the exhaust pipe. A heat shield will be installed to protect the seat and rear tail plastic.
  • ProMountain® 144 rear suspension - The Phazer MTX uses a second generation ProMountain rear suspension. The FX Chassis uses a narrow track and the skidframe is accordingly narrower. The suspension offers a number of unique features, in addition to the narrowness. The carrier wheels on the rear upper cross shaft are oversized to improve their efficiency and reduce friction. The rear mount is built with a cantilever system to allow the track tension to remain consistent through the compression travel. The rear arm has coupling blocks. The front lower shock mount is on a cam to increase the shock rate through its travel.
  • Tall, narrow YZ®-style seat - The tall, narrow seat is an integral element in the sport rider-forward position on the Phazer MTX. It helps put the rider in the best possible location for aggressive or casual riding. The narrowness of the seat enhances the Phazer MTXís overall lightweight feel on the trail.
  • Wide runningboards with traction - The Phazer MTX is all about fun and handling. As a result, the runningboards are nice and wide and loaded with traction. Riders will be able to put their feet anywhere on the runningboards and have confidence in their traction. This allows the rider to move around and really enjoy the full fun of a lightweight sled.
  • Standard electric start - Yamahaís electric starter system allows consumers to fire up their Phazer MTX with a turn of the key. The engineís decompression system lightens the load required to turn the engine over, allowing a small, lighter battery to be used.
  • Digital gauge - The digital gauge displays key information at a glance. Vehicle speed is displayed on a large LCD readout. In addition, the rider can select tachometer, odometer or tripmeter data to appear on the secondary readout. The gauge also displays system warning lights, fuel level, and warmer intensity. The right hand side of the gauge has the push button for the Electric Shift reverse system.
  • New graphic packages - The Phazer MTX comes in two graphic packages; Yamaha blue/black as well as orange/black. These awesome designs produce one of the best looking sleds on the snow.
Starter: Electric
Valve Configuration: 3 Valve
Transmission: YVRC, variable ratio
Brakes: Disc Brake 2-piston hydraulic w/ lightweight ventilated disc
Front Suspension/Shocks: Independent, double wishbone; Shocks HPG
Rear Suspension/Shocks: ProMountain® 144; Shocks C36 KYB® HPG
Skag Material: Carbide
Skag Material: Carbide
Track Length X Width: 144.00 x 14.00 in.
Windshield Height: Low

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